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Welcome to Kwong Chow School

Kwong Chow School is a multicultural, British Curriculum school, teaching trilingually, in which all faiths and creeds are welcome, all young people included, and in which our students are encouraged to be the best they can - valuable to themselves and to society.



Just over a week to go before our annual Sports Day. Two days filled with competitions, fun, cheerleading, awards, performances, and presentations for the enjoyment of all! Everyone's welcome to come along and see the fun our students are offered on the last two days of Term 1.


Edexcel Examination Centre

KCS is an accredited Edexcel Examination Centre and hosts both internal and external candidates.


AQA Examination Centre

As an accredited AQA Examination Centre, KCS offers examinations to suit all students.


Chinese Programme

KCS teaches Chinese as a compulsory subject, from beginning to fluency with encouragement.


KCS Scholarships

KCS is pleased to offer scholarships to outstanding students. See here for more details.


Join Kwong Chow School

Download an application form for students. Click for a Word file and return it to us for prompt action.


KCS Nutrition

Click here to take a look at the varied menu we are offering to our students and staff in August 2018.

525 Silom Road, Bangrak
Bangkok 10500

Email: kwongchowep@gmail.com
Phone: 02 635 0288 (Main)
Phone: 02 635 0165 (EP Direct)